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As with all of Trenitalia's elegant Frecce trains, Frecciargento services combine comfort with speed. Once known as Eurostar Alta Velocità, but now branded as part of Italy’s long-distance Frecce family of trains, Frecciargento trains operate on both high-speed and traditional lines, reaching top speeds of 250km/h.

Frecciargento trains have opened up access to Italy’s high-speed network to the country’s extremities, meaning they are the perfect companions to sweep you from one Italian sweet spot to the next. Frecciargento trains run on the core high-speed artery from Milan to Rome, but unlike Trenitalia’s Frecciarossa trains, Frecciargento services also use ordinary lines to connect other cities into the high-speed network. Venice, Brescia, Bolzano and Lecce, for example, are all served by Frecciargento trains. There is even a twice daily service from Rome to Reggio di Calabria, at the toe of Italy.

With convenient and frequent departure times, Frecciargento trains will get you to your chosen destination in style, speed and safety.

Practical information

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Before you board

There is no check-in prior to boarding Italian high-speed trains operated by Trenitalia, although ticket control will take place once onboard

It is recommended to arrive at least 15 mins before your Frecciargento train departure time


Air conditioned open-plan carriages with comfortable seats and spacious room for luggage are the hallmark of all Italian Frecce trains, including Frecciargento.

Electrical sockets are available at each seat and wifi access is available onboard.

Carriages are equipped with monitors displaying important travel updates, information and news clips to ensure you are continuously updated throughout your journey.

Onboard Frecciargento trains, travellers can access Trenitalia's free FRECCE Portal, an entertainment platform offering a wide choice of films, TV shows, music, newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines.

The FRECCE Portal also provides real time information and updates about your train journey, so you can get up to speed with the latest travel information while travelling at high-speed onboard your elegant Frecciargento train.

A bistro car serving sandwiches, salads, cakes, snacks and a range of hot and cold dishes and drinks is located in the middle of every Frecciargento train.

Booking and printing options

Frecciargento tickets are open for bookings 180 days in advance.

A Frecciargento seat reservation is mandatory and is included in the price of your ticket.

Get the lowest prices on Frecciargento by booking early and don’t wait until the last minute as cheaper seats sell out quickly.

Opt for off-peak Frecciargento trains when you have to travel at short notice. Off-peak Frecciargento trains are more affordable than ones that run mornings and evenings, Fridays and Sundays or during popular holidays.

Classes of service

Trenitalia’s Frecciargento trains provide two comfortable classes of service: Standard Class and First Class.

Frecciargento First Class

First Class seating on Frecciargento trains is stylish and spacious with three seats across the corridor rather than four. From Sunday to Friday, Trenitalia offers First Class customers a welcome service, including a complimentary hot or cold drink upon boarding, accompanied by a sweet or savoury snack. In the morning there is a choice of newspapers.

Frecciargento Standard Class

Standard Class on Frecciargento trains is a cut above normal Second Class accommodation, with groups of four reclining seats around tables as well as pairs of airline-style seats. There is ample room for luggage, which can be stored above your head, under your seat or at the end of each carriage.

Child and youth passengers

The definition of "Child" and "Youth" varies by country and operator. This is why we ask for the age of young passengers.

Sometimes children below a certain age can travel without a seat for free. If you want to guarantee a seat for child passengers, enter '6' as the age of the child.

Read more about child and youth passenger ages. See also youth discounts and railcards.