Travelling on a TGV Lyria train

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Discover the beauty of France and Switzerland with ease onboard TGV Lyria trains. TGV Lyria is a cooperative venture between the Swiss and French railways, using the same train type as France’s celebrated high-speed TGV.

TGV Lyria trains, all double-deckers, reach speeds of up to 320 km/h, connecting Paris with major cities in Switzerland: Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne and Basel. TGV Lyria also operates a summer once-daily service from Geneva to Lyon and Marseille as its terminus. This summer Lyria train operates from the beginning of July to the end of August.

Practical information

Before you board

While there are no formal pre-boarding check-in procedures for this train, please be sure to board your train at least 2 mins prior to the train’s scheduled departure time. Within 2-mins of departure, boarding may not be permitted.

You will need your ticket, passport, and any other travel documents onboard the TGV Lyria train for ticket controllers to inspect. Please be advised that police and customs checks will occur at national borders when travelling on services between Paris, Basel, Zurich, and Lausanne.


TGV Lyria carriages are extremely modern with comfortable, spacious seats and power sockets. Carriages have air-conditioning with air that is filtered every three minutes and totally refreshed every nine minutes. A seat reservation is compulsory and included in the price of your ticket. There is good luggage space onboard, but bear in mind that your luggage must be labelled. Luggage can be stored above your seat and in the luggage racks in the middle of each carriage.

Booking and printing options

TGV Lyria tickets are open for booking 120 days in advance.

Get the lowest prices on TGV Lyria by booking early and don’t wait until the last minute as cheaper seats sell out quickly.

Opt for off-peak TGV Lyria trains when you need to travel at short notice. Off-peak TGV Lyria trains are more affordable than ones running mornings and evenings trains along with those running around the holidays, Fridays and Sunday afternoons.

Classes of service

TGV Lyria trains provide three classes of service: Standard Class, First Class and Business Class.

TGV Lyria Business Class (Business 1er)

TGV Lyria’s Business Class is available to book all week, except on Saturdays, (over the Christmas period and several weeks during August. Routes include: Paris to Basel, Paris to Geneva, Paris to Lausanne, Paris to Zurich, Dijon to Basel and Dijon to Zurich.

Travellers who choose Business Class can relax straight away with a welcome drink and a hot meal. Business 1er passengers have access to the La Table full service dining. Free access to the SNCF Grand Voyageur Lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon station is included with every TGV Lyria Business Class ticket, as is the added flexibility of boarding any train going to the chosen destination, any time of day.

TGV Lyria First Class (Standard Premier Class)

TGV Lyria Standard Premier seats offer more legroom as well as larger more comfortable seats. Standard Premier passengers also get access to the SNCF Grand Voyageur Lounge and, if a Flex ticket is purchased, the option is available to board any train that goes to your chosen destination any time of day. First Class passengers can purchase food and drink from the Deli menu from the onboard bar. However passengers are encouraged to exchange their ticket to ensure a reserved seat and a hot meal.

TGV Lyria Standard Class

Lyria’s Standard class provides comfortable seats and access to a restaurant car. If you purchase a Flex ticket, you have the flexibility of boarding any train going to your destination at any time of day.

Child and youth passengers

The definition of "Child" and "Youth" varies by country and operator. This is why we ask for the age of young passengers.

Sometimes children below a certain age can travel without a seat for free. If you want to guarantee a seat for child passengers, enter '6' as the age of the child.

Read more about child and youth passenger ages. See also youth discounts and railcards.