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Trains to Nantes

The last major city on the Loire before that river flows into the Atlantic Ocean, Nantes is an industrial city with split allegiances. It looks both north-west towards Brittany (of which it was once a part) and east up the Loire Valley towards Anjou. Nantes is a lively place, its central area boasting elegant boulevards and an especially attractive riverfront, where old schooners recall the days when Nantes was a jumping-off point for trade with the Caribbean. You’ll never go wrong with a night or two in Nantes, but it’s probably not the spot to choose for a week’s holiday.

The main station, simply called the Gare de Nantes, dates from the late 1960s. No marks for charm, but it’s practical and efficient. TGVs for Paris leave every hour. Since July 2017, when a new stretch of high-speed line around Le Mans opened, the fastest trains to the French capital now take under two hours. There are also direct TGV services from Nantes to Le Mans, Lille, Marseille, Strasbourg and Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris.

For travellers wanting to explore rural France by slower trains, Nantes is a major hub for such services. There are regional or Intercités services from Nantes direct to Bourges, Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Lyon, Tours and Toulouse. You’ll also find plenty of trains leaving Nantes for Brittany with direct services to Rennes, Lorient and Quimper. Nantes itself is 50 kilometres inland from the Atlantic, but it is just a short hop to the coast with regular local trains to Pornic and Saint-Gilles.

Travel to Nantes by train from anywhere in the UK or across Europe.

De Londres a Nantes en tren

from 77,72 $

Avg 1 change 5hr 17m

De Paris a Nantes en tren

from 16,70 $

Avg 0 change 1hr 56m

De Saint-Pierre-des-Corps a Nantes en tren

from 16,70 $

Avg 0 change 1hr 29m

De La Roche sur Yon a Nantes en tren

from 8,99 $

Avg 0 change 39m

De Redon a Nantes en tren

from 13,49 $

Avg 0 change 42m

De Rennes a Nantes en tren

from 21,84 $

Avg 0 change 1hr 15m

De Le Mans a Nantes en tren

from 16,70 $

Avg 0 change 1hr 16m

De Angers a Nantes en tren

from 8,99 $

Avg 0 change 34m

De Bordeaux a Nantes en tren

from 44,96 $

Avg 0 change 4hr 45m

De Paris Aeropuerto Charles-de-Gaulle a Nantes en tren

from 42,39 $

Avg 0 change 2hr 58m

De Lille a Nantes en tren

from 28,26 $

Avg 0 change 3hr 54m

De St-Nazaire a Nantes en tren

from 10,28 $

Avg 0 change 33m

De Lyon a Nantes en tren

from 28,91 $

Avg 0 change 4hr 5m

De La Rochelle a Nantes en tren

from 11,56 $

Avg 0 change 2hr 30m

De Tours a Nantes en tren

from 17,34 $

Avg 0 change 1hr 35m

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