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Trains to Colonia

With its main railway station (the Hauptbahnhof) nudging up against Cologne’s celebrated cathedral, this Rhineland city is a place that takes trains seriously. For visitors arriving from Britain (or for that matter, from nearby Belgium and the Netherlands), Cologne offers a wonderful first taste of Germany. The train from London to Cologne takes little more than four hours, thus making rail a great alternative to flying. You'll change along the way in Brussels.

Visitors will find a liberal, cosmopolitan city with a raft of world-class museums. Culture is not compulsory; after you’ve had your fill of Romanesque churches and Renaissance crucifixions, head down to the Altmarkt and chill over a beer or two.

Cologne is a major hub for international and domestic rail services. For travel within Germany, there are direct ICE trains to Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin, all taking five hours or less. There are direct Thalys services to Paris and Brussels. Deutsche Bahn runs its fast ICE trains from Cologne to Amsterdam and Brussels.

Direct daytime trains run from Cologne to Switzerland and Austria. These include very comfortable EuroCity services from Cologne to Berne, Interlaken and Zurich, which all follow the classic Rhine Valley route rather than modern high-speed lines. Cologne has overnight trains with comfortable sleepers to Innsbruck, Linz, Munich and Vienna. Hardy types who don't mind an overnight journey in a regular train seat will find additional overnight options with departures late each evening for Basel and Berlin.

For those not in a rush, Cologne is the departure point for Rhine Valley cruises, from April to October there a departures each morning for the four-hour cruise up the Rhine to Königswinter and beyond.

Travel to Cologne by train from anywhere in the UK or across Europe.

De Londres a Colonia en tren

from 82,65 $

Avg 1 change 3hr 56m

De Amsterdam a Colonia en tren

from 21,14 $

Avg 0 change 2hr 32m

De Bruselas a Colonia en tren

from 17,94 $

Avg 0 change 1hr 40m

De Düsseldorf a Colonia en tren

from 12,17 $

Avg 0 change 19m

De Núremberg a Colonia en tren

from 20,50 $

Avg 0 change 3hr 13m

De Copenhagen a Colonia en tren

from 51,25 $

Avg 1 change 8hr 51m

De Viena a Colonia en tren

from 41,64 $

Avg 0 change 8hr 43m

De Paris a Colonia en tren

from 35,88 $

Avg 0 change 3hr 14m

De Berlin a Colonia en tren

from 19,86 $

Avg 0 change 4hr 17m

De Múnich a Colonia en tren

from 36,52 $

Avg 0 change 4hr 18m

De Hamburgo a Colonia en tren

from 36,52 $

Avg 0 change 3hr 33m

De Maguncia a Colonia en tren

from 21,78 $

Avg 0 change 1hr 44m

De Basilea a Colonia en tren

from 35,24 $

Avg 0 change 3hr 41m

De Zúrich a Colonia en tren

from 62,79 $

Avg 0 change 6hr 5m

De Salzburg a Colonia en tren

from 20,50 $

Avg 1 change 6hr 6m

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Pasajeros jóvenes y niños

La definición de "niño" y "joven" varía según el país y el operador. Por ese motivo preguntamos la edad de los pasajeros jóvenes.

En ocasiones, los niños menores de cierta edad pueden viajar gratis sin asiento. Si quieres garantizar un asiento para los pasajeros niños, escribe '6' como la edad del niño.

Más información sobre los pasajeros jóvenes y niños. Descubre también los descuentos y los pases de tren para jóvenes.