Ciao Italia. Summer trains ticket release

Ciao Italia. Summer trains ticket release

26 March 2019

*This offer has now expired*

They are frecc-ing brilliant, Italian trains. Because Frecce, meaning arrow, is the name given to them: Frecciarossa, or red arrow, is the super high-speed beauty, Frecciargento covers both high-speed and more local routes, and the ‘white-haired nonna’ of the family is the slower, more classic Frecciabianca train. Tickets have just been fired into the summer sky landing, hopefully, in the laps of those who want to travel by train in Italy, anytime from 7 June 2019 onwards.

Amalfi coast by train

Tickets are being released to Naples, the main gateway city for the Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi coast, starting out from Turin, Bolzano, Milan, Rome and Venice.  Tickets are also being released to Salerno, on the eponymous and exquisite Gulf, which you can access by train from Milan, Turin and Venice.

Puglia by train

Take trains from Rome or Milan to Bari, or from Rome to Lecce to explore Puglia on the heel of Italy’s beautiful boot. Puglia promises many treats, with hilltop villages, baroque architecture and traditional farms peppered around the peninsula. Indeed, Lecce is one of Europe’s most distinctive Baroque cities while Bari is a traditional Adriatic port city, and good jumping off spot for more seaside adventures.

Heading into the mountains by train

Tickets are being released from both Rome and Naples to Bolzano, which is the Italian and German-speaking capital of the South Tyrol and alpine gateway town of the north. So, pack your summer hiking boots for this one, just 4 hrs 30 mins from Rome. Mountain lovers can also take the train from Rome to Bergamo, which sits in the Po River Valley, overlooked by the Alps. Bergamo is a city in two parts, the old, walled Upper Town, and the modern Lower Town, both linked by a funicular.

Inter-city trains in Italy

Book tickets to the main cities within Italy, such as between Rome and Milan, Rome to Venice, Rome to Turin, Milan and Florence or Naples and Florence.  

Photo credits top to bottom: Main image and thumbnail: Group of Cyprus trees on hill | / Andreas Krappweis, Naples street iStock ©javarman3, Puglia iStock ©bwzenith, Bergamo iStock ©CJ_Romas

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