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Train tickets in Italien


Italy is home to some of the world’s most exquisite masterpieces, in art, architecture and gastronomy. And, with an extensive rail network with many high-speed routes running from head to toe of the country’s iconic boot, it’s easy to get a taste of la dolce vita when visiting Italy by train.

Train travel in Italy is excellent. Some of the fastest high-speed trains in Italy, called Frecciarossa, now dash from Milan to Rome (570km) in less than 3 hrs.

Speed is not compulsory though: there is a good network of slower lines extending to every corner of the country. First-time visitors often focus on the trinity of ‘must-see’ cities: Venice, Florence and Rome – with Verona and Milan both rightly claiming that they should not play second fiddle to that star trio. All five deserve a visit, but remember there is much more to Italy than just big cities.

Italy’s principal national rail operator is Trenitalia, which faces competition from NTV Italo on high-speed routes from Turin, Milan and Venice to Rome and Naples, and also from Venice via Verona to Milan. The latest and longest addition in Trenitalia’s high-speed network, taking in an impressive 1387km, is a direct route between Turin in Piedmont and Reggio di Calabria in Calabria.

Italy enjoys an excellent range of international rail connections too. TGV services run from Paris to Turin and Paris to Milan and direct daytime EuroCity services from Geneva, Basel, Zurich, Munich and Vienna to cities in northern Italy. Look out too for the Thello Eurocity service from Milan to Marseille. There are also services between Italy and Switzerland, as well as a plethora of sleeper trains to France, Germany and Austria.

Look out for 'Super Economy' tickets in order to get a 60% discount on everyday fares, or take advantage of offers like 2-for-1 or family discounts. Find more about cheap Italian train tickets and special offers in our help article.

Trains in Italy

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What trains can you travel with in Italy?

  • Trenitalia
  • Frecciarossa
  • Frecciabianca
  • Frecciargento
  • Italo
  • TGV
  • EuroCity
  • Bernina Express
  • Intercity (IC)
  • Regional Express
  • Regional trains
  • Thello Eurocity
  • Thello night train
  • TGV France-Italy
  • Intercity Notte
  • Italian Intercity trains
  • Italy rail map - click on map to enlarge

    Italy rail map

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    Airport train stations

    Airport train stations in Italy

    Italy's three main airports are in Rome, Milan and Venice, all of which are easily connected by train. Getting from Rome and Milan airports to their respective city centres by train is particularly easy, as both airports have their own train stations. You can buy tickets from Rome and Milan airports to their city centres on our website. There is a bus to the main train station from Venice’s airport, which can be bought locally.

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