2-1 offer on Italian trains

2-1 offer on Italian trains

Make the most of weekend offers on Italian trains

Trenitalia is the national rail operator in Italy, and here are some of their special current special offers, for train travel from top to toe of Italy: 

Two for the price of one tickets

These are available on Saturdays all-year-round, including all domestic high-speed trains, but not including 'regionale' or night trains. This special offer applies to two adults travelling together, and you can book up until midnight before your day of departure. So, if romance comes to mind for a two for the price of one offer, there are always the classics of Venice or Rome to Florence combination to consider. But there are also beauties such as the lakeside city of Como San Giovanni, taking the top to toe Turin to Lecce train route or travelling on a train that is shunted onto a ferry - next stop Sicily. 

Three for the price of two tickets 

These are also available on Trenitalia domestic trains all year round. Excluding 'regionale' trains and night trains. So, go en famille to Florence, have a friends' reunion in Rome, or take your nana to meet the famous 'nonna' cooks of Naples. 

Rome in the off-season
Photo credits top to bottom: Red wine Flickr Commons ©Heather Katsoulis, Palermo, Sicily iStock ©Starcevic, Rome's Coliseum in winter iStock ©MattiaATH

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