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About this journey The average travel time between Montpellier and Nice is 0J 00h minutes. The quickest route is 69J 10h minutes. The first train leaving Montpellier is at , the last at . There is an average of 0 trains a day between Montpellier and Nice, leaving approximately every 0J 00h minutes.

Pretty at the university level

Pretty at the university level Don't know much about Montpellier? Overshadowed by other neighboring cities in Provence, it is worthy of a full visit, and not just a half-day stopover before continuing your journey further into France. The Montpellier St. Roch train station is a major hub for transfers to other cities, and many travelers just stop to stretch their legs. Don't just loosen your joints – get walking – as there is much to see right out of the station. Montpellier is the capital of the lower Languedoc region, and has a population of nearly 400,000! Notably famous is the city's 13th century medical school, which boasts famous alumni like forward-thinking Nostradamus. Learn more about Montpellier

A nice start to the French Riviera

A nice start to the French Riviera “Vous êtes arrives à la gare de Nice!” are the exact words you would hear stepping out of the train and into the station of the French Riviera’s capital. Whichever direction you are arriving from, it’s hard not to notice the stunning landscape of the region. The city itself is the attraction. There’s no Eiffel Tower, no Big Ben, nary a Gothic Cathedral in sight. So what is there? Beauty, energy and charm. From the cerulean sea to dining on fresh seafood at a plein-air café to staring at the art-deco facades and fabulous people, this is the Nice at its nicest. Not that there aren’t tourist attractions. Stop and smell the blooms at the Cours Saleya flower market. Inspect the canvases of Matisse at the eponymous museum. Nice is only second to Paris in the number of museums and galleries it holds. Just pick your pleasure and pack your artistic eye. Learn more about Nice


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