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Hostels. A Great Option to Save Money & Meet Other Travelers

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Women listening to her WalkiTalki Tour

Audio Guided Tours - Maybe the perfect tour guide for you is you.

Imagine an audio guide that takes you around a European city while letting you explore it at your own pace. Perfect for first time visitors, these fun and affordable digital walking tours are a great choice whether you have 2 hours or 2 days. Simply load the tour onto any device capable of mp3 playback (including mobile phones and PDAs), print the accompanying map, and you’re off. In Rome, London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Venice, Prague, Munich, Geneva or Edinburgh. What do you know. The ideal tour guide just might be the one right there between your ears.

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Two Women listening to an ipod

Audio Guided Tours - A tour this perfect will make history, not just pass it.

What could be better than a European audio tour that gives you easy to hear instruction on and off the beaten path, at a pace that’s perfect for you and your feet. Walk the ancient streets of Rome, Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, Florence, Amsterdam, Venice, Pompeii and others with nothing more than your iPod*, MP3 or CD player. No guidebooks, large groups, or “I’m a tourist” giveaways. These professional tours are easy, entertaining and informative. Imagine that. The road less traveled with the feet you know well.

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Hotspots and European SIM Cards

Save with mobile WiFi hotspots and SIM cards from ekit Mobile. There’s no better way to stay connected.

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Tivoli Italy

Walking Tours - Tours given by experts instead of employees.

Imagine a walking tour of Europe led by Ph.D. level scholars, historians, and specialists. People who not only point at attractions, but understand the deeper history of every site. These special tours are currently available in Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and Istanbul. But book soon. These tours are limited to six people smart enough to do the same.

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International Identity card

ISE Card - Receive Travel Discounts for Students

If you're between the ages of 12 and 26 you could be eligible to obtain an ISE card. What is an ISE card? An International Student Exchange card that has international recognition, providing students and youths with a wealth of benefits and discounts for travel abroad.

ISE card