Swiss Transfer Ticket with Half Fare Card Combi

  • Switzerland
    Depart from a Swiss airport or border town and arrive at any single destination in Switzerland.

New: Swiss Transfer Ticket + Swiss Half-Fare Card Combi

Now in addition to the Swiss Transfer Ticket, already available from Rail Europe, we also have a great new option for travelers exploring Switzerland, the Swiss Transfer Ticket with Half Fare Card Combi. The Swiss Transfer Ticket continues to provide round-trip travel from any Swiss airport or border town to a single Swiss destination for less money than train tickets, while giving you a full month to use both transfers. And now we’ve paired it with another economical offering; the Swiss Half Fare Card Combi, which provides half-price travel on Swiss trains, buses, boats and mountain railways tickets and also offers great discounted rates on mountain excursions such as Pilatus, Titlis, Schilthorn and Jungfraujuch. Choose between 1st or 2nd class travel for both your Swiss Transfer Ticket and your Swiss Half Fare Card.

The Swiss Transfer Ticket with Swiss Half Fare Card Combi; a perfect pairing of two popular Swiss Travel System products, providing round-trip travel and discounts on tickets for use between your inbound and outbound journey. Together, they’re a great way to make the most of your Swiss vacation.


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