GoldenPass Tour

Careful, or that smile will freeze on your face..


And who could blame you? The GoldenPass Tour, in Switzerland, from Rail Europe is one of the world’s most scenic journeys. The train leaves Lucerne and travels past edelweiss meadows, picturesque villages and the home of the most elite skiers in the world. This self-guided tour includes travel on the GoldenPass and an excursion on Jungfraujoch, Europe's highest-altitude railway station. It’s an amazing 3454 meters high (that’s over 2 miles!). You’ll then spend two nights in chalet-filled Interlaken at the base of the Alps, where woodland paths are just waiting to be hiked. Your tour ends in perfection in the resort town of Montreux, at the Lake Geneva shore.

And with train travel, there’s never any of the usual navigation hassles or obstructed views in cramped car seats. But be warned, with a Rail Europe expert itinerary, cold or not, that smile could just be stuck on your face forever.

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