Eurail Poland Pass

Travel Bonuses for Eurail Poland Pass

Please be sure to note that any bonus that is free will use a travel day on your rail pass. Discounted bonuses will not require the use of a travel day, but do require a valid rail pass. And all bonuses are handled locally and are subject to change.

Bonuses in Poland



  • Free travel on Przewozy Regionalne.
  • Free travel on KM Koleje Mazowieckie. 
  • Free travel on Koleje Dolnoslaskie.


  • International IC Bus connections Berlin-Wroclaw-Krakow: Travelers with a Eurail Pass valid in Germany AND Poland need a reservation only. Travelers with a Eurail Pass valid only in Germany OR only in Poland need a reservation and a ticket for the section not covered by the pass. Tickets and reservations are available locally.
  • CD Bus Pass holders with a Pass valid for Czech Republic and/or Poland need a reservation only Krakow-Ostrava.

Bonuses for all of Europe