Eurail Greek Islands Pass

  • Greece
    The city of Thessaloniki has great waterfront views.
  • Greece
    Athens, Greece is home to the Acropolis. © Sergey Borisov
  • Italy
    Visit the famous Colosseum in Rome.
  • Greece
    The Ancient Odeum is a famous amphitheater in Athens.

Ferry easy between Italy and Greece

Introducing the Eurail Greek Islands Pass, now available from Rail Europe. It includes round-trip ferry travel between Italy and Greece on Attica’s SuperFast Ferries, plus travel to the Greek islands on Blue Star Ferries once you’re there. Visitor favorites like Santorini, Rhodes and Mykonos are all waiting. In fact, you’ll be able to decide from among any of 27 spectacular Greek Island destinations on the Mediterranean for your four included domestic trips. You can take them consecutively or non-consecutively within your one-month time frame.

Choose first or second-class travel between Italy and Greece. First-class on the international ferries includes a shared 4-bed sleeping compartment with bathroom facilities, second-class means large, airplane-style reclining seats for comfort.

The new Eurail Greek Islands Pass from Rail Europe. It’s a great connection linking Italy to Greece, and you to fantastic scenery both on land and off…in the some of the most beautiful waters on the planet.

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