Eurail Czech Republic - Slovakia Pass

Travel Bonuses for Eurail Czech Republic - Slovakia Pass

Please be sure to note that any bonus that is free will use a travel day on your rail pass. Discounted bonuses will not require the use of a travel day, but do require a valid rail pass. And all bonuses are handled locally and are subject to change.

Travel Bonuses in Czech Republic



  • Holders of a 1st class rail pass have free access to the CD lounges located in several railway stations.


  • 10% discount on the daily rate at the A&O hotel and hostel in Prague


  • CD Bus Pass holders with a Pass valid for Czech Republic and/or Poland need a reservation only
  •  Krakow-Ostrava
  • International IC Bus Connections - Munich – Prague/ Strasbourg-Mannheim-Nurnberg - Prague. Travelers with a Eurail Global Pass only need a reservation. Reservations are an additional cost and can be purchased locally. Travelers with a Eurail Pass which is not valid for all the countries through which the bus travels need a reservation and a ticket for the portion not covered by the rail pass.

Museums and Attractions

  • CD Railway Museum: 20% discount on the museum located at Luzna u Rukovnika;
  • CD Bike - Rent a bicycle at a special rate.
  • Hard Rock Cafe Prague, Male Namesti, 142/3 Show your Rail Pass and receive a complimentary Hard Rock Cafe gift with a minimum purchase of €30 in the Cafe or Rock Shop. Free Wi-Fi for guests.

Bonuses in Slovak Republic



  • Up to 50% discount on the Ciernohronská železnica: a historic woodland railway line established in 1909 which operates vintage wooden passenger trains.


  • Mercure Bratislava 30% discount on accommodation on weekends, 20% on weekdays (Address: Zabotová Street 2, Bratislava. Tel +421 257 277 00; email
  • Up to 25% discount on accommodations at the Mercure Bratislava.
  • Up to 20% discount on services and accommodation at the Kosice - Golden Royal Boutique Hotel & Spa.
  • Up to 20% (March - June and September - November) and up to 25% (December - February and July - August) at the Hotel Dalia Kosice (located close to the Kosice train station).


  • 20% discount on all services, plus seasonal bonus Aqua City.