Changing Seat Reservations

  • Can I change seats after the train departs?

    Once the train leaves, you can check with the conductor to see if there are any other available seating options.

    Please note that you should stay in the same class of service as your ticket or you may incur a surcharge.

    If you change seats and the seat you move to is reserved by another traveler, they will have priority.

    Of course, you will come across plenty of friendly travelers who may not mind “switching” seats with you if you ask politely.

  • I missed my train. What should I do?

    It depends on what kind of train ticket you have.

    If you’re traveling with an open ticket (that is to say, a train ticket that doesn’t include a reservation), then you can simply get on the next train that accepts open tickets and proceed with your travels.

    If you’re traveling with a train ticket that includes a reservation, you may have to purchase a new train ticket. Review the exchange and refund terms of your ticket to determine if your train ticket can be exchanged. Certain semi-flexible and flexible fares allow you to exchange your train ticket even after the train departure time. If that’s the case, proceed as soon as possible to the ticket window at the train station in order to obtain a new ticket.

    If you’re traveling with an open train ticket and a stand-alone reservation, then your reservation is lost and cannot be exchanged. However, your open ticket remains valid. You can either board the next train that accepts open tickets, or purchase a new stand-alone reservation if the train you’d like to take requires a reservation.

    In case you missed your train because you were on a connecting train that was delayed, ask a Conductor or railway official to endorse your train ticket to say there had been a delay. This is usually sufficient proof for the train staff at the onward station to allow a free transfer to the next available train.

    Upon your return to North America, please send the stamped train ticket to our Customer Relations department and they’ll provide the applicable refund if your ticket qualifies. All refund information may be found on the after-sales voucher that was included with your train ticket.