Booking your hotel with Rail Europe

  • How is my payment processed for my hotel reservation?

    Your credit card will be charged by the Orbitz Partner Network.

    If you’re booking your hotel with other Rail Europe products, the hotel charge will appear as a separate charge on your billing statement.

    Your credit card is not always charged at the time when you book your hotel. It depends on the type of rate and hotel selected. All Save Rate reservations are charged at time of booking, including any service fees noted in the taxes and fees section. For additional information, please refer to the hotel’s individual deposit policy.


  • How can I book more than one hotel stay with Rail Europe?

    At this time, it’s only possible to purchase one hotel stay per order on the Rail Europe website. If you wish to buy multiple hotel stays, check out with your order containing the first hotel stay, and then place additional orders for each hotel stay you need to book.

  • How do I check-in at hotels booked through Rail Europe?

    Simply bring a form of identification corresponding to the person under whom the reservation was made to the hotel’s check-in counter. It’s always preferable to also bring a print out of the Orbitz Partner Network email confirming your hotel reservation. If you booked a discounted prepaid reservation, please print out a copy of your voucher and bring it to the hotel to provide documentation that your reservation was paid in advance.

  • How do I know if my hotel reservation was confirmed?

    You will receive an email from the Orbitz Partner Network confirming your hotel reservation. If you do not receive your email confirmation within ten minutes, contact our contact center and a duplicate copy will be emailed to you.