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Trains to Sevilha

Seville, the capital of Andalucía, is the fourth largest city in Spain and a vibrant, bustling place – one that captures all the best qualities of the Spanish South. No surprise then that when Spain opened its first high-speed rail line, way back in 1992, it was from Madrid to Seville.

Seville is, quite simply, the perfect place to chill. The home of flamenco claims to have the best tapas in Spain. Nowadays Seville pulls the crowds all year round and the city can be busy when there are big festivals, particularly in the run up to and just after Easter.

The city cherishes its Moorish heritage rather more than in the early days after the ousting of the Islamic Caliphate. Seville's 15th-century cathedral was a triumphant assertion of Christian supremacy. Even if you are not inclined to prayer, it's a great spot to wander, relax and escape the summer heat. Don't miss the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Of the various districts of the city, our favourite is the Barrio Santa Cruz area with its labyrinth of narrow alleys. Yes, it's touristy, but this one-time Jewish quarter has many quiet corners, the best of them a riot of flowering shrubs.

Although geographically quite remote from other major Spanish cities (Madrid is almost 500 km distant), Seville is still well-connected by train. Fast AVE services run direct from Seville to Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Fast trains to the capital take just two-and-a-half hours. Regional rail connections to other cities in Andalucía are excellent. Córdoba and Jerez (the home of sherry) are both an hour or less away. The coastal cities of Málaga and Cádiz can both be reached within two hours.

Tickets for all these services can be purchased on our site. If you are continuing from Seville into Portugal, you'll find a very useful direct coach service to Faro (three hours away), but sadly that's a route we cannot sell here.

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