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Trains to Copenhague

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is part of a wider urban region that covers the island of Amager and part of the adjacent island of Sjælland (Zealand). So there are plenty of bridges and waterways in this city that is renowned for its laid-back, casual style and liberal ways. Copenhagen is a very walkable city. But if you’re not up for a hike, follow the Danish example and hop on a bike to explore the sights.

The hallmark of Copenhagen is just how liveable it is. And the pace of urban development is impressive with new bridges and public squares opening each year. You may want to check out the new BLOX complex on the waterfront, just opened in 2018, and already breathing new life into what was until recently a deserted harbour area.

You’ll find frequent local trains linking Copenhagen with the Swedish city of Malmö, less than an hour away on the far side of the Øresund Bridge. There are also several express trains each day from Copenhagen to Stockholm and hourly trains to Göteborg in Sweden.

There are four to six direct trains per day from Copenhagen to Hamburg (depending on the season), with the entire train shipped on board a ferry from Denmark to Germany. You’ll also find seven daily trains to Flensburg in Germany – these run via Odense, so you’ll miss the interesting ferry crossing that comes with the direct trains to Hamburg.

The main railway station in Copenhagen is the centrally located Hovedbanegård – often shown on maps and in timetables as København H. Many trains approaching Copenhagen from the west stop at Hovedbanegård and then continue to Østerport, which lies well north of the city centre. Copenhagen airport has its own dedicated station (called Kastrup Lufthavn St). Trains run every 10 mins from the airport to the city centre.

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Passageiros crianças e jovens

A definição de "Child" e "Youth" varia de acordo com o país e o operador. É por isso que pedimos a idade dos passageiros jovens e crianças.

Às vezes, crianças abaixo de uma certa idade podem viajar sem assento gratuitamente. Se você quiser garantir um assento para criança, digite '6' como a idade da criança.

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