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Trains to Brig

The town of Brig (Brigue in French) is an important commercial centre and railway junction in the upper part of the Rhône Valley in Switzerland’s Valais canton. Lovers of the Swiss Alps end up passing through Brig time and time again. It’s one of those places you just cannot avoid. Those in the know take time to stop and explore a little. If you get beyond the uninspiring railway station, Brig is a delight. Take time to explore the pedestrianised town centre and the remarkable Stockalper Castle.

Brig’s fortunes were shaped by its advantageous position at the northern end of the Simplon route to Italy. The town's superb rail links make it the perfect base for exploring this part of Switzerland and further afield. Brig has direct trains to Milan, Verona and Venice.

Trains leave Brig every 30 minutes for Lausanne and Geneva; there is an hourly service to Berne and Zurich. Brig is an important stop for Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn (MGB) trains which oddly stop in the station forecourt rather than in the main station. MGB offers hourly trains to Zermatt and Andermatt. Glacier Express trains between Zermatt and St Moritz also stop at Brig.

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Paris para Brig de trem

from 99,93 $

Londres para Brig de trem

from 316,57 $

Zurique para Brig de trem

from 96,44 $

Milão para Brig de trem

from 37,88 $

Genebra para Brig de trem

from 62,20 $

Veneza para Brig de trem

from 63,31 $

Lyon para Brig de trem

from 101,33 $

Roma para Brig de trem

from 77,01 $

Berna para Brig de trem

from 59,40 $

Spiez para Brig de trem

from 43,33 $

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