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Trains to Alicante

The city of Alicante is the gateway to the Costa Blanca – the popular stretch of coast which runs north-east from Alicante to Cap de la Nau. That Costa strip is brash and busy, but still worth a visit for its golden beaches. Alicante itself is an antidote to the Costa resorts. The city is restrained, stylish and a fine place to relax – although the large number of Segways is a reminder that Alicante is firmly on the tourist trail. You’ll find the city's name often rendered as Alacant in the local Valencian dialect of Catalan. The main railway station Is simply called Alacant Terminal, though many locals just call it 'Renfe' – that's the name of Spain's national rail operator.

Spain’s high-speed rail network was extended to reach Alicante in 2013, so the fastest services from Alicante now take only about two and a half hours to reach Madrid.

The pace of trains running up the east coast from Alicante is less rushed. Reckon on 90 minutes to Valencia and five hours (or more) to Barcelona. This east coast route is served by comfortable but slowish Euromed or Talgo trains.

There are good regional rail links (with some routes operated by Cercanías local trains) from Alicante to the nearby cities of Xàtiva, Murcia, Lorca, Cartagena and the lovely coastal town of Águilas. And if you just cannot resist the lure of Benidorm with its abundance of sun, sea and sand, there is a useful local tram that links Alicante with the Costa Blanca resorts. A new high-speed line from Alicante to Almería (in Andalucía) is on the drawing board, but the first trains on this key interregional route are unlikely to run until 2023.

While in Alicante make time to explore the Old Town and climb up to the Castillo de Santa Bárbara. To escape the heat of the city in summer, consider a boat trip out to tranquil Tabarca island, ideally early in the morning before the crowds arrive.

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