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Train tickets in República Tcheca


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The Czech Republic, or Czechia to use its official name, is a railway paradise. No other country in central Europe boasts quite such a fine network of main lines and rural railways extending to every corner of the land. Travellers will find comfortable, modern trains on most main routes. These include Railjet trains which serve the Prague – Brno – Vienna line and the SuperCity Pendolino services which run from Prague to Ostrava, Bohumín and Cheb.

When visiting the Czech Republic by train, it is well worth exploring beyond the capital city Prague. The Spa Triangle towns of West Bohemia, for example, each offer their own particular kind of laid-back charm: Karlovy Vary, Frantiskovy Lázne and Mariánské Lázne all have excellent rail connections. So too have the medieval towns of South Bohemia, such as Ceský Krumlov. Many provincial centres also have an excellent choice of international rail connections. In a word, there are plenty more things to do in the Czech Republic than simply exploring Prague.

Train travel in the Czech Republic is mostly run by the national rail operator České dráhy, often shortened to ČD. RegioJet and Leo Express also run on key routes. There are direct daytime trains to Prague (and other Czech cities) from Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Vienna and Budapest. Deutsche Bahn also offers a non-stop express bus service from Nuremberg to Prague which you can also book on our site, remembering to tick the box ‘Show more bus results’ when doing a journey search.

Trains in the Czech Republic

What trains can you travel with in the Czech Republic?

  • Railjet
  • EuroCity
  • EuroNight
  • Airport train stations

    Airport train stations in the Czech Republic

    The Czech Republic's four main airports are in Prague, Karlovy Vary, Ostrava and Brno. Getting from Ostrava airport to the city centre by train is particularly easy, as the airport has its own train station. Tickets for this journey, however, can only be bought locally. There is a bus to the main train stations from Prague, Karlovy Vary and Brno airports, which can all be purchased locally as well.

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