Platform Access in the Netherlands

Accessing the Stations in the Netherlands

Platform Access in the Netherlands

Many train stations in the Netherlands have platforms with entry/exit gates. To enter or exit from your train’s platform, you will need to pass through these gates that are controlled with a bar code reader.


Most paper tickets and e-tickets and all Eurail Pass covers have a square barcode which can be scanned at the entry/exit point of the platform. On trains originating in Germany and traveling into the Netherlands, the train personnel will provide you with a keycard to use to exit the platform.

Simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to a gate with ‘scan ticket’ sign.
  • Step 2: Hold the square barcode against the illuminated area.
  • Step 3: The gate will open and you can now leave or enter the platform.

If there is no square barcode on your ticket or the barcode does not work and the gates do not open, push the blue info button on the post near the gate and you will be connected to a station employee who will assist you. 


  • Why are there entry gates at the train stations in the Netherlands?
  • The introduction of gates prohibits non-ticket holders from entering the platform areas, making both the station and the trains more secure.


  • How can I recognize a gate that is equipped with a barcode reader?
  • You can recognize a gate with a barcode reader by the ‘scan ticket’ symbol on the right-hand side of the gate and by the illuminated area on the right-hand side of the gate.


  • I have a train ticket with a square barcode, but it is creased. Will the barcode still work?
  • You should be able to open the gates with a creased or slightly damaged ticket. If you are unable to go through the gate, push the blue info button on the post near the gates and you will be connected to a station employee. They will help you go through the gates.