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Renfe is the national rail operator in Spain. The company operates passenger trains on the Spanish national rail network. Among the trains that Renfe operates, are the Ave trains which are modern and comfortable trains.

A great choice of destinations

The AVE (Alta Velocidad Espanola), a high speed train, was lauched in 1992 by Renfe, the national railway company of Spain. AVE means also bird! Thanks to Renfe’s AVE, you can travel at a speed of 186 mph between main Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza and Seville. There are more than 50 trains which operate on the Madrid-Barcelona axis everyday. There are 40 trains operating daily between Madrid and Seville. There are 2 daily connections by the AVE between Barcelona and Malaga or Sevilla.

An amazing experience

If you are planning to travel on board the AVE, you can book your reservation up to 2 months before your travel date. Keep in mind that there ticket checks and passport control on board the AVE trains. Don’t forget to keep your travel documents handy. There is a check-in before the train departs. Check-in starts 30 minutes before the departure and closes 2 minutes before departure.

Travellers looking for the best comfort and style are always pleased by the AVE. The Spanish high speed train has been influenced by its French counterpart – the famous TGV. On board services and amenities include radios, TV screens at seat, comfortable seats and generous legroom. Your trip will, without doubt, be a pleasurable experience.

Three classes of service are offered onboard the AVE. If you are looking of the best comfort, you can upgrade to Club Class. You will be able to enjoy an à la carte restaurant and a bar service.

In the first class, you will have access to lounges and waiting rooms before your departure. When on board the AVE, there is a catering service which will serve you food and beverages at your seat, without any charge.

For those of you who are on a budget, the Standard Class on Ave trains will suit you. You will be able to travel comfortably and enjoy air conditioning throughout your trip in summer. If you are hungry, you can have a snack in bar-buffer-trolley.

Fares and passes

Travellers have a wide range of fares which are offered for the AVE trains. Use our Rail Ticket finder to discover the best fares. If you are planning just a couple of times, you might want to choose a point to point ticket, which will be the best deal. However if you are planning to travel a lot on the AVE trains, you might want to choose a Rail Pass.

Please note that even if you have a pass, a reservation is required on board the high speed AVE, as it is the case for all high speed trains in Europe. You can of course buy your pass and make your seat reservation with Rail Europe or on the train ticket website.