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Enjoy all the comfort and amenities of 1st class, in some instances, for less than a 2nd class TGV train ticket! Take advantage of this limited time offer - prices this low will sell out quickly so don’t wait, book now! Offer ends August 18.

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First Class TGV tickets show under “Comfort” or “Premier” on the Rail Europe websites.  

Offer is valid for bookings of select TGV tickets made from July 5 through 5:00 pm ET on August 18, 2016. Promotional tickets are offered on Paris - Milan, Paris – Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, Paris – Luxembourg, Brussels – France (excluding the Thalys) and routes within France. Offer is subject to availability and subject to change or extension without notice. No adjustments can be made on prior purchases. Promotional tickets are valid for travel from July 8 to August 31, 2016.

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    City to mountains. This train does it all.
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    Hit refresh. A modern-day bar car.
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    Travel comfortably in Second Class.
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    Travel over 200 mph without missing the French views.

TGV. The fast track to explore France.

There is one word to describe TGV. Fast! The world speed record holder, it zips from city to city at up to 322 kph (201 mph). With Paris as its hub, this high-speed French network interconnects throughout Europe making it an attractive alternative to the plane.

If we had to find another word to describe the TGV, it would have to be “often”. Because every day 450 trains crisscross the network, offering you a wide choice of journey times.

The TGV is France's technological gem, constantly improving comfort and performance while also keeping sight of the planet's well-being.  In fact, eco-mobility is at the heart of the TGV experience. From the aerodynamic design of the lines to the manufacturing of the trains, each step is carefully researched to minimize the impact on the environment. Even our drivers are trained to 'drive economically' (power off when going downhill, adapting the speed to rail grip-reducing electricity consumption by a third). It continues throughout, with light fixtures that use low-energy light bulbs, air conditioning that adapts to the number of travelers, waste that is compacted and waste water that is recycled.

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Children under age 4 can travel for free on the lap of an adult traveler. If you want your child under age 4 to have their own seat, you need to purchase a ticket for them by selecting “Youth/Child 4-25” and indicating the child is 4 years old.

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