Euromed Train

  • Euromed
    Take in a beautiful sunset along the Mediterranean coast.
  • Euromed
    Travel to and from Barcelona on the Euromed Train.

Speed & Comfort Along the Mediterranean

Part of the Spanish regional train network that operates along the Mediterranean coast between Barcelona, Valencia and Alacant, Euromed is truly a pleasure to ride. With a choice of traveling in Preferente or Tourist Class, and at speeds of up to 135 mph. Wherever you sit, you’ll find the Euromed comfortable and traveler-centric, with a pleasant atmosphere and stunning views of the glistening, azure ocean to surprise you. And there’s a bar-buffet car or trolley service available for food purchase.

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Euromed Train

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Who Is Traveling?


Children under age 4 can travel for free on the lap of an adult traveler. If you want your child under age 4 to have their own seat, you need to purchase a ticket for them by selecting “Youth/Child 4-25” and indicating the child is 4 years old.

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