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    Enjoy climate-controlled cars and a fully stocked bar car on the Alvia. © RENFE

High-speed and comfortable train through Spain.

The Alvia train is notable for a variety of reasons. First, it’s a new high-speed train that reaches speeds of up to 155 mph. Which considering this line really spans an enormous amount of Spanish territory, isn’t just convenient but a great way to spend more quality time in the places you’re visiting. Traversing one of Europe’s largest countries, you’ll find routes that run from Alicante to Gijón and Santander, Madrid to Alicante, Bilbao, Cadiz, Gijón, Huelva, Logroño, Pamplona, Santander, and Vitoria, San Sebastián to Irún, Valencia to Castellón, and Barcelona to Bilbao, Gijón, Irún, Vigo and La Coruna.

In addition to where you want to go in Spain, it offers you a choice of how you want to get there, with climate controlled cabins in both Tourist and Preferente Class. You’ll discover all the comforts an ultramodern train can provide without arriving exhausted, hungry, or unprepared to tackle the day.

The Alvia train. It can take you to a lot of places and provinces in Spain. But perhaps what it does best of all is deliver you in a state of contentment.

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Children under age 4 can travel for free on the lap of an adult traveler. If you want your child under age 4 to have their own seat, you need to purchase a ticket for them by selecting “Youth/Child 4-25” and indicating the child is 4 years old.

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