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    Count Dracula. Count on the best price. Count me in.

    Romania has many unique charms. And a lot of them are most accessible by train. Since train reservations are often required, booking ahead before you go isn’t just good thinking but necessary planning. That’s why we’ve made it so easy. Simply enter your itinerary and you’ll receive schedules and instant pricing. You can even compare city-to-city tickets to the popular Eurail Select Pass that offers flexibility around the region. So come on. Missing this booking opportunity is something that could really haunt you.

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    What if you’d like to count more countries in on your trip?

    A rail pass is your best option, offering unlimited access to the rail networks of neighboring countries, as well as within Romania. Take a look at the most popular passes for your trip below. You’ll see just how affordable expanding your Eastern European playground is.

    Wait! Do I need a reservation for my train trip?

    Feel free to hop on and off Romania’s trains without reservations using your pass. But reservations are recommended when traveling on international trains to and from Romania and can be requested within 60 days of your travel date.

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