Train in Greece

    Ready to book your ideal Greece trip? Time to sightsee your rail options.

    There’s so much to see on the Greek mainland and all kinds of rail serving it. We recommend the InterCity or InterCityExpress trains for the most reliable service and the quality of experience our travelers expect. To find out the train schedules and pricing that work best for you, simply fill out the itinerary below. You’ll even be able to compare passes and city-to-city tickets based on your own travel plans. We’ve made it easy and quick. Because Marathon, Greece may be a great place to spend time. But a marathon booking session? No one wants that.

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    Island hopping? How about country hopping?

    A rail pass is a great way to see more of this magical region. All you have to know is that you want to see a lot without paying a lot, and a pass becomes your best solution. It’s affordable and perfect for visiting the neighbors. Which pass floats your boat?

    Wait! Do I need a reservation for my train trip?

    Feel free to hop on and off Greece’s trains without reservations using your pass. But reservations are recommended for express trains and required for IC trains. Reservations must be purchased locally at an additional cost.

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