Rail Travel in Germany

Jump on an adventurous, yet comfortable trip through Germany and discover 5 metropolises with the German Rail Pass! Enjoy some time off hopping from one city to another in a sustainable way and experience vivid cultural cities and unspoiled nature. You can travel all over the country in a fast, inexpensive and environmentally-friendly way, so: what are you waiting for?

An inspiring route through Germany

Start your trip in Cologne, a city bursting with life. Exiting its international train station, the famous Cologne Cathedral, a World Heritage Site, will take your breath away. Explore it’s pretty old town, walk along the Rhine and mingle with the locals who are known for their zest for life and partying spirit!

DB will then bring you to Hamburg, Germany’s maritime capital of the north. Enjoy the breeze during a port sightseeing tour followed by a stroll through the old town before heading to HafenCity, Hamburg's new, modern city center.

Next stop: Berlin, the German capital and a mere 2 hours from Hamburg on Germany’s ICE train. The locals with a rather rough yet friendly charm are going to make your visit a unique one. Add an incredible variety of sights that do not only represent the city's newfound swagger, but also its history and dramatic events of the 20th century.

Board another DB train and head south to Dresden, Saxony’s beautiful capital! It’s a must-do when exploring German culture. The sheer abundance and splendor of the city's cultural treasures will be enough to take your breath away.

End your trip in Munich, where you will find everything from traditional beer gardens to exclusive shopping or its grand football stadium that’s home to Bayern Munich. There are countless ways to discover this beautiful city, but once you have done so, it is best to end your trip by recharging in mountain air in the close by Alps.

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German Rail Pass

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