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Travelling by train in Denmark is by far the easiest way to get around the country. Comfortable trains operate at regular intervals, usually hourly, on principal routes. Don’t be deceived by Denmark’s modest proportions. Not every journey is just a short hop. For example, the journey by train from Copenhagen to the Jutland port of Frederikshavn takes almost six hours.

Denmark is a country where many large cities – including the capital Copenhagen – are on islands. But long gone are the days when passengers had to switch repeatedly from train to ferry and back. Modern bridges have largely made the ferries redundant. Danish trains are also tailor-made for relaxation. Speeds are modest, but that’s all to the good in a country that has a quiet, seductive beauty.

The main train operator is the state-run Danske Statsbaner (DSB), though a dense network of local routes in west and north Jutland is managed by Arriva Trains. Discover some of the best things to do in Denmark by train: visit the culturally cool capital, the old yet very young city of Aarhus or the fairytale city of Odense. Explore further north to the Jutland city of Aalborg, cycle across Skagen’s flat landscape or kayak along Zealand’s Susåen river and alongside a plethora of the country’s island idylls.

When travelling internationally to Denmark by train, the main rail routes lead through the German city of Hamburg, from where DSB offers between six and ten direct trains each day (the number varies by season) to Danish stations. There are also services operated by Norddeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH (NEG) from the far northern German station of Niebüll to Aarhus, Ribe and Esbjerg.

Trains in Denmark

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    Airport train stations in Denmark

    The main international airport in Denmark is Kastrup in Copenhagen, which has a train station in it. The ticket office is located in Terminal 3, immediately above the railway station. The journey from Kastrup Lufthavn train station into the centre of Copenhagen takes just 13 mins. Tickets for this journey can be purchased on our website.

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