Booking fees on hold

Booking fees on hold

29 July 2020

Booking fees put on hold at Rail Europe until end of year

There has been a lot of talk of silver linings over these past few tough months, and we hope that our decision to remove all booking fees is one of those. At the moment, there is a booking fee of £4.95, €5.95 or $5.95 on non-UK train journeys over the value of £15, €15 or $15 and, from 29 July until 31 December 2020, this will be removed at point of purchase for all train operators.

As train traffic is coming back to near normal in most European countries, and train companies are following strict safety guidelines, we can think of no better mode of transport for a special trip back out into the world. 

We are keen, therefore, to get people back travelling by train as we believe it to be safe, speedy and straightforward whether you are travelling to see family, friends or find some much needed freedom after lockdown. We hope that, with no fees, this will help you see that there is a little light at the end of the tunnel.

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