Steve McCurry's epic train photography

Steve McCurry's epic train photography

23 May 2012

Inspiring images from Steve McCurry's journeys on the Indian railways

Best known for his captivating image of an Afghani woman with striking green eyes, Steve McCurry's photography has been described as "the most evocative colour photography". During the eighties he spent time in India photographing train stations, creating a visual narrative of day to day activities, and capturing his unique perspective in this fascinating personal account. We're delighted that Steve McCurry has granted us permission to share this breathtaking photography.

Steve says, "when the train pulls into the station there is a mad dash of humanity. People push through the doors and climb through windows to capture an elusive seat to avoid the punishment of standing for an entire trip." The effect is a collection of photographs which, though sometimes sad, are always thought provoking.

West Bengal, India, Bicycles on the side of the train, 1983

Bicycles on the side of the train, 1983

Train Station,Yangon-Mandalay line, Myanmar-Burma, 2011

Yangon-Mandalay Line, 2011

Train Station Platform, Old Delhi, India 1983

Old Delhi, 1983

Bengali woman and child, West Bengal, India 1982

Bengali woman and child, 1982

Sign from a train station at Simla, India

Simla, 1984

Man bathing at staion,Bombay, India, 1984

Man bathing at train station, 1984

Train Station, Agra, India, 1983

Train station, 1983

Decca to Peshawar,The Assam Mail, India, 1983

The Assam Mail, 1983

Geisha in subway, Kyoto, Japan, 2007

Geisha in Subway, 2007

Main image and thumbnail: Taj and Train, 1983. All images by Steve McCurry, all rights reserved.

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