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The dreaded delay

The dreaded delay

Our updates and advice regarding UK and European train delays

When you hear that tannoy announcement opening with ‘Ladies and gentlemen….’ you know that it probably isn’t going to be good news. In most cases it’s the ‘dreaded delay’ and all you can hope is that it isn’t for too long and that your journey isn’t going to be messed up as a result.

As we are not a train operator, just a booking platform for train companies throughout Europe, train delays are out of our hands. However, we do our best to inform you as best we can in advance about any planned engineering works or other issues. This applies to UK and mainland Europe. Our Travel Geeks team keeps customers up to date as much as possible with regard to major disruptions, updating the following articles on a weekly basis, linking to relevant country issues.

Eurostar delays
Italy delays
Spain delays
France delays
Germany delays
UK delays

However, we also have a list of all the train companies’ online departure boards, so that you can check the status of your train up until the last minute. It is worth noting that Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Germany are the countries that regularly achieve ‘best for punctuality’ status.

After the delay comes the demand for compensation, of course. This process depends on the train operator and circumstances of your delay. You can read more about this in our Seeking compensation article. However, to make sure the process is straightforward, it always helps if you can get proof of delay from the rail operator. Some will stamp a form for you, or a ticket inspector can sign physical tickets. Even if you have a mobile ticket, do try and get some form of written proof of the delay. Keep a note of all your timings too, as they can sometimes be hard to recall at a later date.

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