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Pricehack - our split tickets feature

Pricehack - our split tickets feature

How we split tickets to get you cheap train fares

Our Pricehack facility reduces the cost of over 200 million train journeys* by up to 50% in Great Britain. How? We hack the system, and this hacks the price. And yes, it’s legal. We also think it’s rather lovely. Because Pricehack gives our customers cheap split train tickets, which are easy to find and quick to buy. On all their devices. Just take a look and see. Because the proof of Pricehack is always in the pudding.

What is Pricehack?

Our name for a state-of-the-art version of what is known, in the rail industry, as split train tickets. Which means using a train journey fare splitter technology to get the best possible price for each leg of your journey. Using intricate technology, developed over two years, it gives train travellers a chance to gain up to 50% cheaper GB train tickets, compared with tickets that haven’t been Pricehacked. 

Where does it work?

Pricehack is available on one-way and return journeys throughout Great Britain. The biggest savings can be found on medium to long cross-country journeys where there may be more opportunities to Pricehack along the way. It is also important to note that we are the only train booking platform offering split ticketing on international train journeys if they begin or end in UK. 

Can you Pricehack at peak times?

We apply Pricehack technology to a wide array of journeys - morning, noon and night.

We cannot always guarantee that you will find one at the exact time that you want, but you will be able to see them all clearly, so that you can make a quick and easy choice. If, for example, your journey starts during peak hours but ends during off-peak hours, Pricehack can help you pay peak prices just for the start of your journey.

Is it easy to use?

All the fares appear on your screen, be it mobile, laptop or tablet. You will be able to spot easily which ones are Pricehack bargains, and which ones aren’t. You will also be able to present many of the tickets on your mobile as you travel, an industry first by the way. You can also use your UK railcards to gain an even greater discount with Pricehack. 

Will my journey be affected in any way?

Not necessarily. Just because we calculate a price based on different legs of your journey, doesn’t mean you always have to get off the train at those points. Pricehack options may involve a slightly longer journey time or, an extra change of train along the way - but only when it means we can get a good Pricehack price for you. With Pricehack tickets you can sometimes have multiple tickets for the same train, so when the train gets to a location where your ticket is split, you might have to move seats. At the end of the day, all options and conditions are visible on our site and app before purchase. So it’s always the customer’s choice which ticket they choose. A normal one or a Pricehacked one.

Do I need to book in advance to get a Pricehack fare?

Pricehack tickets are available 84 days in advance for all fares that do not start or end in London, not earlier. For journeys including London, Pricehack fares are only available ten days in advance which means that, with Pricehack allows for some great last minute fares if booking through London. You will nearly always get the best fares if travelling mid-week and during the morning with Pricehack. 

Are my consumer rights affected by Pricehack?

Not at all. The same T&Cs will apply, but simply to each leg of the journey. The fare conditions appear on the search results with clear explanations of each type of ticket displayed at point of purchase. So, in short, all statutory consumer rights still apply when more than one discount has been applied.

Will I have to print off lots of tickets?

In a few cases, yes. However, in other cases, you will be able to display them on mobile, and ours is the first train ticket platform to offer split tickets with mobile options on some tickets.

Is there a booking fee on Pricehack tickets?

We add a small saving commission of £1.50 for bookings under the value of £100 and £6 for bookings over £100. This is to enable us to keep investing in internal technologies and resources to allow travellers to access great fares. You will see, however, that substantial savings can still be pulled off when you Pricehack. However, we also promise that Pricehack fares will be a minimum of £1 cheaper than the cheapest regular fare sold on any other rail booking platform and rail operator website for journeys in Great Britain. This is because we only show Pricehack results when there is a saving of more than £1.

*This figure is based on the number of train journeys that were made in GB in 2018 (1.7 billion), discounting 1.1 billion short journeys that would not be affected by Pricehack. This leaves 600m people doing business trips (i.e. not to/from their regular workplace) and leisure journeys, including visiting friends and family. We are generating a split ticket solution on a third of all searches, resulting in 200 million journeys being made cheaper, with Pricehack.

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