Spanish high-speed trains to Granada now on sale

Spanish high-speed trains to Granada now on sale

4 June 2019

**This ticket window is no longer available**

It can feel a bit like Waiting for Godot sometimes when it comes to booking Spanish trains. One difference between real life and art, however, is that these beautiful high-speed trains do eventually arrive. They just like to take their time - but national train operator Renfe’s new protagonist - the new high-speed route to Granada, is worth the wait. Launching 26 June, tickets to travel on this starlet of a service are on sale from today.

So get in quick to grab one of three daily direct services from Madrid and one a day from Barcelona (which avoids Madrid). Fans have been queuing up at the stage door for years now waiting for this gorgeous Godot to arrive. When it finally does it will take 3 hrs 5 mins to travel between Madrid and Granada (from £32, with a great value £10 upgrade in some cases), or 7 hrs 25 mins between Barcelona and Granada (from £41). If you think that is great, just think, you have the Alhambra as an encore.

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