Travelling on an Ouigo Spain train

At a glance

  • High speed train
  • Spain


The start of the OUIGO service between Madrid and Barcelona opens up a new era for the railway in Spain. This milestone was a turning point, offering more competitive prices. More routes will progressively be added to deserve the most important high-speed lines

Practical information

Before you board

  • Tickets will be checked on the platform before boarding Ouigo trains. Check-in for Ouigo trains opens 30 mins before the train leaves and closes 5 mins before departure.
  • Before boarding any train at a Spanish mainline station, travellers are required to put their luggage through an X-ray security check.


  • Every coach has a toilet on each deck. On the Earth Deck it is located between the two train access doors and on the Sky Deck toilets are in the interconnecting area.
  • Ouigo trains have a baby changing facility in coaches 7 and 15 at the Sky Deck.
  • Cafeteria up in the Sky deck, specifically in coach 4
  • Under each window you will find a socket so you can charge any device you need.
  • Litter bins that are located at the exit of each door.

Booking and printing options

  • Ouigo tickets are open for bookings 180 days in advance.
  • Get the lowest prices by booking early and don’t wait until the last minute as cheaper seats sell out quickly.



Essential Seating is arranged in pairs and triple seats, similar to the airline-style seats across a central aisle. The open-plan carriages are comfortable and offer good legroom. Luggage can be stored below customer's seat, or on the rack at the end of each carriage and overhead.

Food and drink


Every OUIGO Spain train carries a Ouibar accessible to all passengers that offers hot and cold snacks and drinks during your journey. You’ll either take your snack back to your seat or enjoy it while standing at one of the bar tables in the buffet car.

Child and youth passengers

The definition of "Child" and "Youth" varies by country and operator. This is why we ask for the age of young passengers.

Sometimes children below a certain age can travel without a seat for free. If you want to guarantee a seat for child passengers, enter '6' as the age of the child.

Read more about child and youth passenger ages. See also youth discounts and railcards.