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Take an InterCity two-hour day trip from Budapest to Balaton, along the scenic and soothing Lake Balaton.

Like its Eastern European neighbors, Hungary has invested some money (with the help of the European Union) to modernize its rail network. Yet, it’s still in a restructuring mode, one that’s apparent when traveling the best trains versus local services.

For long distance or international travel to and from Budapest, InterCity trains or international rail services are a comfortable choice. These services mandate assigned-seating, so be sure to make a reservation. No need to worry if you’ve purchased a ticket with Rail Europe—your seat is automatically pre-assigned. And, if you hold a rail pass, you can book a seat from us as well.

You can also make reservations locally, but, by then, your train may be fully booked. Simply follow the signs that say “Foreign Railway Tickets—Seat Reservation” in the Budapest main station in Keleti. Though larger stations have English-speaking agents, their conversational skills might be somewhat limited. So planning ahead while still at home is always good advice (unless, of course, you’re fluent in Hungarian).

Hungary offers some wonderful rail journeys. Take an InterCity two-hour day trip from Budapest to Balaton, along the scenic and soothing Lake Balaton (the largest lake in Central Europe). Siofolk is also on this route, and is probably Hungary’s best bathing resort, just 90 minutes from Budapest. Other day trip possibilities? Kecsemet (a great photography museum) and the university city of Szeged in the Southern Great Plains.

For optimum enjoyment, travel InterCity rail services as often as possible, and ride first class. (Local trains are charming—but slow.) And beware of a navigational brain-twister. Hungary’s rail network was built around Budapest so you often have to go through the capital for long distance trips. There are three separate train stations: Keleti (east) is the main station and an interesting architectural piece; Nyugati (west), is the smallest station but very well-equipped; and, finally—here’s the twist—Deli (south) is a modern, concrete building (on the Budapest side) that’s actually west of the city.

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    clean  | Ayuk y. | 2017/02/06
    "very clean and comfortable but wifi wasn't good "

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    Christmas Vacation from USA | Rodney f. | 2017/01/08
    "The train ride was very good except for the luggage aspect. If you have multiple bags (which people from the US on a long trip may have) then it's difficult to find space to store your luggage and no one is assigned to help out. There were many people who didn't have seats. Thankfully, my wife and I booked assigned seats. "

  • lovely way to travel | . | 2017/01/06
    "mush better than flying as you would miss the gorgeous views. 5 stars for convenience "

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    Good experience. | Robert t. | 2017/01/02
    "No problems encountered, train was punctual, cabin comfortable. "

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    Scenic | Mun Wai James k. | 2016/12/19
    "Scenic ride "

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    Zurich to Como | Louise p. | 2016/12/06
    "So relaxing and comfortable, and the scenery was amazing! "

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    Italy  | Iwan t. | 2016/12/02
    "convenience and great coast along the way... "

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    Straightforward trip | Sharnjit g. | 2016/11/25
    "The tickets came on time although you may wish to consider online tickets :) The train was fairly easy to find. It was a busy service but fairly comfortable. The wifi was terrible and it stopped at one station for so long, I think I could have walked the entire length of the train a few times! "

  • Value for money
    Fantastic | William d. | 2016/11/15
    "The only way to travel in Europe, no security checks, no arriving two hours before departing, comfortable seats, fantastic service. Fares were very reasonable for first class travel. We wish it was that easy to travel in Canada. "

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    Best way to travel in Europe | Donald m. | 2016/10/26
    "Train carraige clean and comfortable, Quality of food and service very good. Most important it runs on time to schedule. "

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