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The spectacular middle of Spain

The spectacular middle of Spain

Toledo, Spain is known as the “Imperial City”. The capital of Spain until the mid-1500’s, it was declared a UNESCO World heritage site in 1986 for its cultural and monumental heritage.

Toledo sits almost exactly in the center of what is Europe’s third largest country. With its greatly varied geography and scenery, is it any wonder the train is the preferred method of transportation among travelers and locals ? Plus, Toledo’s central location makes taking the train to Toledo, or anywhere, easy. Madrid to Toledo is just a half hour by train (RENFE or AVE). Or choose our half-or-full-day Excursion to Toledo. Fully escorted, it leaves from Madrid and includes a guided sightseeing tour.

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Once in Toledo, make sure to visit the Cathedral. The white limestone façade of this 13th century building is beautiful. Inside, the history is just as impressive, with a collection of works from artists including Goya, Raphael and El Greco. A jaunt to Toledo’s main square, the Plaza Zocodóver, contains shops and cafés frequented by visitors and locals alike. You’re sure to find reminders of its metalworking industry, specifically steel sword-making. And don’t miss the Museo Victorio Macho, a small museum dedicated to local sculptor, Victorio Macho. How many museums do you know that are admired for the scenic views they supply as much as the artwork they display ?

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