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Tarragona, a mix of antic and modern.

In the eastern part of Spain, Tarragona is a city offering multiple interests. It is located in the south of Catalonia and along the Mediterranean beaches. Its great roman vestiges made Tarragona a city listed by the UNESCO.

About Spain

The antic Tarraco was the capital of the ancient province of Hispania Tarraconensis. Tarragona still presents numerous vestiges from this time.

Among them, you will discover the ramparts dating back from the 2nd century B.C. You can also visit the antic amphitheatre, the circus or the early christian necropolis. From the Middle Ages, the city offers the Saint Thecla’s cathedral melting gothic and baroque styles. The museums of the city such as the Biblic or the modern arts museums also deserve to be seen. Besides this cultural aspect, the region provides many activities.

The mediterranean beaches of course, but also one the biggest amusement parks in Europe : Port Aventura.

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