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From beaches to ancient history

From beaches to ancient history

What does it say about a place when it’s so magnificent and welcoming, and so easy to get to by train, that Italians themselves vacation there? That’s Rimini, Italy, with over 9 miles of beaches on the gorgeous Adriatic coast, and over a thousand sparkling hotels near the sand. Plus, it offers incredible nightlife and a smorgasbord of restaurants, from cafes to fine dining.

About Italy

Don’t be fooled that Rimini beaches are simply a hedonistic, sun-lovers’ paradise. Its 2,000-year history speaks to a proud Italian culture that includes the Arch of Augustus from 27 BC, and the Tiberius Bridge from the early 1st century that has endured almost two millenniums of continuous use. The Federico Fellini Museum is also a popular attraction containing exhibitions of drawings, photographs and sketches, and showcasing the film director’s life and career, including his five Oscar’s. And in Rimini, you’ll also find year- round cultural events and world-class shopping.

Lastly, getting to Rimini couldn’t be easier or more enjoyable. Journey from Venice to Rimini or Rome to Rimini in approximately 3 hours by high speed Trenitalia or Italo trains.

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