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South of France, in reach of Spain

South of France, in reach of Spain

Perpignan, France is a thriving city highly influenced by its close proximity to Spain. You’ll notice it the minute you arrive at Perpignan train station (also known as Gare de Perpignan). Serving southern France, parts of the station were decorated by none other than Salvador Dalí.

Local gastronomy is shaped by the proximity to Spain as well: highly influenced by Catalan cuisine, combining both French and Northeast Spanish styles.

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Equally delicious? The sightseeing and natural beauty you’ll find there. Take the Palais des Rois de Majorque, which offers both. This austere looking castle built in 1276 as the king’s residence is renowned for its beautiful gardens and courtyard as well as its ability to attract visitors. During the summer, its home to the Guitares au Palais, a 3-day free music festival with pop, traditional and alternative music. And why not visit the Place de la Loge, once Perpignan’s stock exchange? Paved in pink marble, it was first constructed in the 14th century and rebuilt during the Renaissance.

Today, one of Perpignan’s biggest exports is wine, fruits and vegetables that are processed and transported from there. And thanks to the Gare de Perpignan, you can get stress-free connections to practically anywhere, including Perpignan to Barcelona,

Perpignan to Paris, Toulouse and other regional destinations.
Perpignan.Lesser known, but no less fantastic.

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