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Parma, a historic and attractive town in northern Italy

Parma, a historic and attractive town in northern Italy

Parma is located in the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy. The town is known for its famous parmesan cheese and ham. Needless to say, Parma is one of the best places in Italy, where you can enjoy excellent food. The charming Italian town is also known for its art galleries, museums and beautiful churches.

About Italy

Having an excellent culinary reputation, the first thing you should do is to taste the local cuisine. From the hearty tortelli and the potato gnocchi to the Parma ham and parmesan cheese, you won’t lack choice when it comes to eating. Parma is also a place where you will find many landmarks such as the Parma Cathedral, the Palazzo della Pilotta and the Piazza Duomo.

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