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Intellectual, ancient and watery, cobbled Oxford is home not only to the world-famous university, but also to romantic gardens in which to while away an afternoon, and a sophisticated dining scene. It’s just perfect for a cheeky weekend away.

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Let yourself be amazed by the architectural sumptuousness of the Colleges among which you shouldn’t miss the most famous one founded in 1525, the prestigious "Church Christ" College. Its Great Hall inspired Hogwarts Hall in the movie "Harry Potter".

There are 36 different but striking Colleges to discover ! Don’t forget to visit the picturesque Bodleian Library, one of the most complete in the world. It welcomed world-known writers like Oscar Wilde or JRR Tolkien. Stroll in the Botanic Garden, the oldest gardens in England created in the 17th century, and enjoy a charming view onto the Colleges towers and the lovely Cherwell river.

You can also take a punt along the latter.

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