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Oissel, follow the footsteps of great kings

Oissel is situated in the North West of France, a bit South of its bigger sister called Rouen. All along the river Seine, discover the jewel of Oissel, like the church of Saint-Martin, the Sergenterie or the château des Roches.

About France

In Oissel you will find some churches and buildings linked to the famous names of William the Conqueror, as well as to French and English kings Saint-Louis and Richard Lionheart who seemed to already enjoy this place immensely almost a millenium ago. Staying in Oissel, it would be a crime to forget the delicatesse of the fine cuisine from Normandy.

In Oissel you will learn that the world famous "crème fraîche" fits perfectly with chicken, fish or sea food. And of course, no meal is perfect without a piece of the local pride made cheese: the camembert! Are you ready to dive in a pool of french savoir vivre?

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