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Faro, a perfect place for your holidays in Portugal

In the touristic region of Algarve in the extreme south of Portugal, the city of Faro appears along the Atlantic Ocean’s beaches. This city is a very attractive place and its international airport enables the visitors to get here easily.

About Portugal

The geographic location of Faro and the easy way to reach it by train make it a dreamed destination for your summer holidays.

Indeed, the numerous wonderful beaches present in the region will thrill you, so just enjoy the sun and the turquoise water. Over the activities linked to summer holidays, the rich history of Faro makes it a perfect place for people sensitive to cultural heritage. Still remain around the old city vestiges of roman fortifications, and many Moorish ruins dating back from the 13th century are still visible.

Visit also the archaeologic museum housed in an ancient convent from the 16th century. For nature belovers, the Ria Farmosa lagoon is a step during the migration of many birds.

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