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Bescançon’s old town La Boucle nestles in a tight meander of the River Doubs in Eastern France. The World Heritage-listed 17th-century citadel looks down on streets of white stone buildings dating as far back as Roman times. Archways and secretive courtyards are ripe for aimless wandering.

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Hop off the train and let yourself be amazed by the military fortifications, the chapel and the kilometres of ramparts of the perfectly restored citadel. Besançon also houses three museums among which the poignant Resistance and Deportation Museum.

Besançon can boast about having a considerable and well-conserved patrimony representing most of the historic periods. From Antiquity, we advise you to see the "Black Door", a picturesque triumphal arch which decor was decided by Marcus-Aurelius himself.

The Renaissance Granvelle Palace dates back from the 16th century and houses the Time Museum, commemorating the importance of the clock making in Besançon, leading to its position of French watch capital in the 19th century.

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