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Bayonne, ferias and gastronomy, sun and ocean !

Bayonne is a city located in the southwest of France, in the Aquitaine region. It is close to the spanish border and the Atlantic Ocean. This city is the economic capital of the french Basque country.

About France

Bayonne is a fortified city with many narrow streets and typical houses.

The Saint Mary’s cathedral is a gothic style building that is listed to the UNESCO world heritage. The cloister next to the cathedral also deserves the detour. Bayonne also proposes many museums such as the chocolate workshop or the Bonnat museum. If you want to know more about the region’s history, chose the Basque museum with its very rich ethnographic collections.

Bayonne is also famous for its ferias, which are the 5th biggest meeting in the world ! This event lasts 5 days and celebrates bullfightings. The Basque coast also offers wonderful beaches for your summer holidays !

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