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Aachen, discover the old caroligian’s capital!

Aachen, the old city where Charlemagne is burried, is the most western city of Germany, at the frontier between Belgium and Netherlands. It is a 260 000 inhabitants city and it provides a lot of walk and heritage to discover.

About Germany

Welcome to Aachen, a perfect destination to share your time between nature and culture. Staying in Aachen, you have to see the UNESCO listed cathedral, dating back to the 8th century.

It is world-famous to be the sanctuary of Charlemagne, where more than 30 german kings were crowned during some 600 years. Strolling along the streets, you may meet the emblem of Aachen, the Elise’s fountain, dating back from 1827. For game lovers, enjoy the casino, surrounded by a park and housed by the old "new hydrothepeutic cure establishment".

Indeed, Aachen is famous for its warm springs, the warmest at the north of the Alps mountains.

Aachen station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Aachen.

Aachen city guide

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    Enjoyable journey | Adriana l. | 2015/07/20
    "The journey on the Thalys was a pleasant experience. The seats were very comfortable, the luggage space was sufficient and the breakfast service was excellent. The total feeling was one of commitment to customer care. And the total cost for 6 people was reasonable. "

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    Great Single Connection | Mark d. | 2014/05/07
    "Apart from the Thalys running a little late meaning they stopped for a short time in Aachen, our connection, and we rushed into the wrong coach to make sure we got on board, it made a great travel option. Meal provided with the travel was another unexpected add on for the trip. "

  • Value for money
    Superb Connection | Mark d. | 2014/05/07
    "Chose this option to have time to make a connection from our TGV from Paris. With the timeliness of the TGV we should not have worried about having the extra time. The benefit was it was only a two train journey. Comfortable and clean. Great no hassle way to travel within Europe. "

  • Very comfortable trip | . | 2014/04/15
    "Helpful staff, very tasty (and free) drinks and snacks - which I did not expect - and comfortable seating! "

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    Expensive trip | Chooi Woon y. | 2014/04/08
    "Tickets are expensive, but Thalys train is not as comfort as German Rail ICE train.. "

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    Aachen to Paris | Marc p. | 2013/12/10
    "We traveled to Germany with my husband on business. It was very convenient to get to the Aachen train station and then to Paris. The train station in Paris was 2 blocks from our hotel. The ease of taking the train helped make the trip memorable. The train was clean and neat and the seat have adequate room if you have to travel for long periods of time. "

  • Value for money
    average first class experience | Anna Woo Jung c. | 2013/07/10
    "It was an average first class travel. The only complain would be rude staff. Basically, my breakfast was thrown at me. Quite surprised to be treated yhat way. Drinks/food selection was good. Seats were ok. "