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The Great Train Comparison

The Great Train Comparison

We've published Europe’s first ever train comparison report (published when Rail Europe was still branded as Loco2)

Welcome to The Great Train Comparison 

If you haven’t stepped on board a European train for a while, now might be a good time to give it a go. High-speed trains link city centres in a matter of hours, with airline-style cheap fares if you book in advance, without the hassle that comes with flying.

Our report ‘The Great Train Comparison’, produced in conjunction with hidden europe, gives some pointers to how all rail travellers can experience the very best of European rail travel.

Speed of course has its own appeal, but many travellers are looking for something more. They want services geared to their particular needs and that's why we commissioned this report. We've selected 11 target audiences and researched just how well modern European train operators meet the needs of these groups. Our aim has been to understand the details of the various services on offer in order to showcase the best from across Europe. Which operator gains points for being family-friendly? Who scores well when it comes to having good value meals available all day in its restaurant cars? Where will cyclists find a warm welcome? And which trains are a good choice for a couple looking for a romantic escape?

The Great Train Comparison report celebrates the European train operators who are best addressing these issues and the various needs and aspirations of the different types of travellers. These are the operators whose innovation and good practice leads the way.

Our marketing team, the talented bloggers and contributors including: Mark Smith, The Man in Seat 61, the rail operators themselves and Nicky and Susanne, authors of Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide, have taken great time and care in producing this extensive report. We hope it offers great insight and value to rail travellers.

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