Divine Devinette: 31 Days, 31 Photos, 31 Winners of a France Rail Pass!

Through little rhyming clues, we asked our Facebook fans to correctly identify pictures of cities, monuments and cultural attractions in France.

Hundreds of people wistfully guessed answers of gorgeous landscapes and architectural wonders. Some were right, some were wrong (some guessed places not in France.) Below is the list of lucky winners – and even if you didn’t win, we hope you enjoyed the fabulous photos of magnifique France.

Tuesday, 15 May

On the banks of the Garonne in Aquitaine,
Find vineyards of grapes that go by this name.

Bordeaux, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Franck Charel

Winner: Mitzi Felton

Wednesday, 16 May

Roughly 65 miles east of Marseilles,
This seaside resort is where the rich come to par-tay.

St. Tropez
St. Tropez, France

Winner: Isabelle Degremont

Thursday, 17 May

Inspiring light for artists and home of bouillabaise,
This 2600 year old city is the perfect Cote d’Azur base.

Marseille, France © ATOUT FRANCE / Franck Charel

Winner: Tad Dunlap

Friday, 18 May

Not in France but right next door,
This, “grace”ful, diminutive spot is on the Cote d’ Azur.

Monaco, France

Winner: Blake Pleasants

Saturday, 19 May

Eaten raw, this minced meat delight when marinated just right
tastes far better than this picture of fright.

Steak Tartare
Steak Tartare

Winner: Roberta Schwartz

Sunday, 20 May

At this French Alps “Capital”, the Olympics were once in the air,
Come see what time it is at the 300 year old “horologe solaire.”

Grenoble, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Jean François Tripelon-Jarry

Winner:Jim Baugh

Monday, 21 May

In this corner of Normandy, light impressed Monet and Courbet.
It’s here that the needle and arches display
Nature’s incredible beauty.

Etretat’s cliffs
Etretat’s cliffs, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Pascal Gréboval

Winner:Garrett Oler

Tuesday, 22 May

On the left bank of the Rhone
Is where Benedict XVI would feel most at home
In the late 14th century.

Avignon, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Jean Malburet

Winner:Christina Dana

Wednesday, 23 May

A hunting lodge built for the first Francois,
it’s the largest chateau in the Valley Loire.

Chambord Castle
Chambord Castle, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Léonard de Serres

Winner:Julie Moran

Thursday, 24 May

Rocks don’t feel so good on your feet
When strolling along this Cote d’Azur beach

Nice, France

Winner:Kris Wilson

Friday, 25 May

The Pic des Mouches is its peak of grace,
Cezanne painted and painted and painted from his perch in Aix.

Mount St. Victoire
Mount St. Victoire © ATOUT FRANCE / R-Cast

Winner:Marilyn Cavanagh

Saturday, 26 May

In a region with bubbly grapes abound,
This UNESCO Heritage Site is where French kings were once crowned.

Reims Cathedrale
Reims Cathedrale, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Philippe Maille

Winner:Kim Ponce

Sunday, 27 May

With a hall of concave and convex,
And plenty of royal apartments,
It’s a gilded dream of the Ancien Regime.

Versailles, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Pascal Gréboval

Winner:Cassandra Quan

Monday, 28 May

Eau, the places you’ll go!
Built by Romans near Nimes and part of UNESCO.

Pont du Gard
Pont du Gard

Winner:Lee Walfield

Tuesday, 29 May

Millions come to this sacred edifice where buttresses fly,
and beastly beings watch over the city with a foreboding eye.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France

Winner:Linda Henry

Wednesday, 30 May

A tidal island, but not alone,
40 people call it home.
Three million visit every year
A sight so beautiful, you may shed a tear.

Mont St. Michel
Mont St. Michel, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Robert Palomba

Winner:Amanda Waller

Thursday, 31 May

A commune in Calvados, a picturesque port and home to Boudin,
Some believe this is where the Impressionism movement began.

Honfleur, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Franck Charel

Winner:James Himanga

Friday, 1 June

This fortress city in Languedoc,
Predates the Romans and was founded by Visigoths.

Carcassonne, France © ATOUT FRANCE / Catherine Bibollet

Winner:John Wright

Saturday, 2 June

Lyon, France

Winner:Ho Yin Fong (Simon)

Sunday, 3 June

A ski resort in Les Trois Vallées, known for high style and flair,
With one of the world’s scariest airports, fly in if you dare.

Courchevel, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Jean François Tripelon-Jarry

Winner:Nathalie Curtaud

Monday, 4 June

Founded in 640, so the legend Lydéric and Phinaert does say,
It is capital of the region Nord-Pas de Calais.

Lille, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Michel Angot

Winner:Sara Emery

Tuesday, 5 June

Spanning the valley of the River Tam and topped with seven masts,
Building the world’s tallest bridge was no easy task.

Mileau’s viaduct
Mileau’s viaduct, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Patrice Thébault/Eiffage – Foster and partners

Winner:Amy Rouse

Wednesday, 6 June

Napoleon was born on this isle in the Med,
Here, a city split into two, lapping waves lull you to bed.

Bonifacio, Corsica
Bonifacio, Corsica, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Robert Palomba

Winner:Karen Magner

Thursday, 7 June

Balmat and Paccard weren’t afraid of heights
When climbing the Alps highest peak of white.

Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc © ATOUT FRANCE/Franck Charel

Winner:Abby Wowchuk

Friday, 8 June

Home of Statue of Liberty scupltor, oh hands devine!
Drink it all in, for this is the capital of Alsatian wine.

Colmar, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Jean François Tripelon-Jarry

Winner:Julie Harpigny

Saturday, 9 June

This isn’t phoney baloney, it’s real dried sausage pork.
Have it sliced in a sandwich or eat it with a fork.

French Saucison
French Saucison © ATOUT FRANCE/Jean-Claude Figenwald

Winner:Erwin Cools

Sunday, 10 June

Monet came to paint a cathedral. Joan burned at the stake here.
And La Couronne has stood for more than 650 years.

Rouen, France © ATOUT FRANCE/CRT Normandie/J-C Demais

Winner:Maria Balasis

Monday, 11 June

In the Languedoc-Roussillon there’s a fast growing city,
At the heart of it all is the Place de la Comédie.

Montpellier © ATOUT FRANCE/Franck Charel

Winner:Larry Bolingbroke

Tuesday, 12 June

The Palais de l’Isle in the center of Thiou,
Has been a courthouse, mint and jail since built in 1132.

Annecy, France © RMB

Winner:Marcia Darnell

Wednesday, 13 June

This “Capitale de l’Est” once rivaled Paris in the arts,
See magnificence on display at the Place Stanislas.

Nancy, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Michel Laurent/CRT Lorraine

Winner:Alexandra Harpigny

Thursday, 14 June

During the Battle of Normandy, bombs rained for miles.
Auguste Perret rebuilt this city in the modernist style.

Le Havre
Le Havre, France © ATOUT FRANCE/Jean François Tripelon-Jarry

Winner: Judy Quan

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